My logo is on all of my floorplans, is this ok?
No, all logos must be removed from floor plans before you submit them.

Please submit your company logo to [email protected] for use in awards pamphlet, video and slideshow

I entered a project in a previous year, and it did not win.  Can I re-submit the same entry?
Yes, so long as the project meets all of our current eligibility criteria.  If your project was named a winner in a previous year, you cannot resubmit it to the competition in a similar award category.

Do my co-submitters have to be members?
Yes.  These are the PKHBA awards, so you have to be a member of PKHBA to enter. Your building partners may join the Association to be named a co-submitter on your project, see Membership Requirements for more details.

What happens if my entry is the only one submitted in a category?
Please reference the Eligibility Requirements.

Should I include a finished basement in my calculation of square-footage?
Yes. Include all finished, live-able space when calculating square-footage. For example, the finished portion of a basement is included, but a utility room is not.

Can I submit the project, or portions of the project in more than one category?
Yes. If you think your project is good enough to win more than once - go for it!

I provided the design for the project but was not "on the tools" building it. Can I still submit for an award?
Members who are substantially involved in the construction of the project (e.g. project manage or act as general contractors on a project but do not complete any of the physical work) may submit the project for an award and MUST INCLUDE any involved PKHBA member companies as co-submitters.

More questions?
Please contact Rebecca Schillemat at 705-930-1620 or by email at [email protected]