Membership Requirements

  • Members of PKHBA who have become a member in good standing of the Association during the 2023 Calendar year are eligible to submit entries to the Awards.
  • Submitting companies must be a PKHBA member in good standing as of the submission deadline date.
  • Any PKHBA member may be listed as a co-submitter by joining prior to the online submission deadline date.
  • Awards are generally open for submissions from all membership categories except where otherwise specified.
  • Members who project manage or act as general contractors on a project but do not complete any of the physical work may submit the project for an award and MUST INCLUDE any involved member companies as co-submitters.

Project Requirements

  • All projects must be in Ontario and must have been completed in the 24 months prior to the submission deadline.
  • Any project that has won an award in a previous year is not eligible for entry in a similar category this year.
  • All projects submitted must be operational at the time of submission (excluding landscaping).
  • Model Homes/Sales Centres may be submitted even if the development represented is not complete.
  • Projects or elements of projects may be submitted to more than one category.
  • Homes in the Production Built Homes and Custom Built Homes categories must be submitted with their Tarion Enrollment Number or a Tarion Letter of Confirmation or other proof of exemption from the warranty program deemed acceptable by the Awards Advisory Council.

Eligibility Requirements

  • All entries will be reviewed by PKHBA to ensure they meet all category requirements. Any entry that does not meet these requirements will be subject to disqualification without refund of submission fees. Alternately, entries may be reclassified into another category as mutually agreed by the entrant and PKHBA.
  • In the case where only a single submission is received for a particular award category, an average of finalist scores for similar awards in that group will be calculated. If the score assigned to the single submission is equal to or higher than the average score calculated then an award will be granted. In the event that no similar award exists, the single submission must receive a minimum score of 75% for the award to be granted.

Photo Requirements

  • Entrants agree that all information and materials submitted including project names and photos may be used by the Peterborough and the Kawarthas Home Builders' Association or its Awards partners for promotional purposes or in any manner the Association chooses. Photos will be used in public videos to promote the event before and after the gala.
  • All information provided online may be used publicly by the PKHBA on its website, social/digital media platforms and/or published or broadcast by PKHBA or a third part at the discretion of the Association.
  • Project photos must not include people, pets or text.
  • Please have preferred photos uploaded first.