This year the 18th Annual Housing Design Awards will be televised courtesy of Cogeco and YourTV!

Category Changes

  • Similar to last year, in order to submit in any Renovation categories the entrant must be a RenoMark® Renovator.
  • The Builder of the Year and Renovator of the Year judging criteria have been adjusted slightly.
  • The Sub-Trade of the Year and Supplier of the Year judging criteria puts a greater focus on community involvement and industry advancement.
  • Bathroom and Kitchen categories continue to be differentiated by cost instead of by square footage.
  • The new category for condo units established last year will remain a category this year. 
  • Sizes for Tract Built Homes categories have been adjusted.
  • Sizes for Custom Built Homes categories have been adjusted.
  • The Ontario Wood Award is no longer available.

Eligibility Changes

  • Members who project manage or act as general contractors on a project but do not complete any of the physical work may submit the project for an award and MUST INCLUDE any involved member companies as co-submitters.
  • It is now FREE to include PKHBA member companies as co-submitters on your project to ensure they receive appropriate recognition for their role in your success. This is done on the project submission in the "Who helped you" field. These companies will only be charged if your project wins an award and the helping company want a physical trophy created for their use. A maximum of 2 co-submitters is permitted per submission.
  • In the case where only a single submission is received for a particular award category, an average of finalist scores for similar awards in that group will be calculated. If the score assigned to the single submission is equal to or higher than the average score calculated then an award will be granted. In the event that no similar award exists, the single submission must receive a minimum score of 75% for the award to be granted.